Monday, July 02, 2012

Hey, Boo

I've been a blogger recluse lately ~ the Boo Radley of the blogosphere, so to speak. Forgive me, but I am in a To Kill a Mockingbird state of mind.

My little book club decided to read TKAM in June, even though all of us had read it at least once before. Coincidentally, a local community theater was staging a production of the play last month. We all decided to go, and along with a delicious supper before, we enjoyed a perfect summer evening. It was community theater at its best. And the "Hey, Boo" scene remains my favorite, both in the book and the play.

Moving forward , or I should say looking back, here is a sampling of the last three months:

Lots of time spent with family and friends  . . . .

Springtime garden with little barbarians
at the gate

and in the garden and with the girls. . . . 

There's something so homey about
making jam.
enjoying the fruits of our labor . . . .

 rearranging one corner of my life . . . .

Ann Rayner by Threads Through Time
40-ct. Lakeside Linen Vintage Buttercream
Mostly Needlepoint Inc. Silk

and spending some stolen moments with my needle and thread.

See you again soon!


Katrina said...

Very fun!!!!! Love, love, love Ann Rayner, she's gorgeous :-).

Penelope's Beehive said...

Dear Joy,
Since my last (long-ago) visit, it is clear that you HAVE been busy! It is a delight to peek through your garden gate, visit with your "girls," admire the well attired (yummy) jams, take pleasure in a lady quite bejeweled in frames, and drool (quite unladylike) at the gorgeous sampler.
I becomes clear that happiness abounds behind your Garden Gate!
Wishing you your heart's desire...